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I reached out to Po-Tien when I felt like the business world was passing me by. I have had my Physiotherapy Practice for over 16 years now, and I couldn’t help but feel that not having a website or a grounding in social media was definitely working against me. She was kind and gentle, talking me through what I needed to get my head around, appreciating that I was totally out of my depth! Po-Tien strives to understand your “vision”, and confident enough given her vast experience and expertise to guide you in the right direction to tweak that vision to gain maximum impact. She is generous with her time, but strategic and organised so that there was never a wasted moment. We moved forward quickly, as she strived to create ideas and design elements, over which I had complete control. Now I’m gaining the benefits of having greater social media presence and more reach into my circle of associates, as well as a website “look” that I couldn’t be happier with, reflecting the professionalism and optimism I hope I bring to my work. Thank you, Po-Tien!