The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

~ Mark Twain

Words. They’re such simple things, right? Most people use words unimaginatively on their website, describing their brand or product using the cheapest freelancer they can find.

However, a sequence of words, if they are strung together badly, can be the downfall of any beautiful website or lovingly crafted brand. As Mr Twain says in the quote above, an “almost right word” just doesn’t cut it.

Good writing or finding the “right word”, is all in the details – the understanding of subtleties to engage your audience.

Done well, good content writing can convey much about an idea, a business, or a product. It can add clarity, power and presence. And in this age of digital content, writing to promote your brand is vital to your marketing communication.

Content writing is a long-term asset to your digital marketing. It can help with your website’s engagement and SEO, boosting your search ranking. It can increase your brand’s awareness when your article or blog generates interest outside of your existing client base.

Whether it’s for your website, your blog, your press release or social media, a good content writer will be able to clearly understand what you want to say, and how to say it to your target audience.

As I’ve been raised in Australia, and with English as my first language, I am acutely aware of the different tones of voice for local audiences and the nuances between different demographics. Working with teams in Asia and Europe also gives me an understanding of the cultural communication norms across regions.

Due to my corporate experience, I am a creative content writer who is able to convey complex, technical messages succinctly to consumers. Having worked with both corporate clients and lifestyle clients, I am able to hone in and highlight key messages in an engaging and unique manner. It’s vital to make sure that an article is relatable to your target audience.

And by keeping an eye on topical issues, events, trends and keywords, I am able to tie these into my writing to help amplify interest in a client’s work and to boost the article’s virality.

This level of insight is not something you can easily find on cheap freelancing sites.

My rare combined skills of having both corporate and bespoke communications can help you reach new audiences by writing with verve, standing apart from your competitors.

So if you’ve been thinking about refreshing your website content, adding new blog articles or if you want someone to brainstorm topic ideas with, I’ll use my creativity and knowledge to help. Please contact Instinctual to have a frank and confidential discussion about your content writing needs.

At Instinctual, you’ll find the guidance to evolve, adapt and thrive.